When Prayer Becomes a Joke and Protestants Go Too Far: Restoring Reverence and Awe in the Everyday

The way in which we approach God demonstrates what we think of God. Some see him as a loving Father, a terrible tyrant, an awe-striking omnipotent being, or a homie to giggle and laugh with. And while at times God does seem like these qualities, he is not one of these things to the exclusion of the others. Considering myself neither Protestant nor Catholic (nor Evangelical, Orthodox, or any other such label) has placed me in an interesting and insightful... Read More

Saints, Spirits, and the Catholic Church: The Little-Known Truth of Who We Are in Christ

There is a family and heritage long forgotten by most. They stand about us and sustain us in prayer, but few ever recognize them. And those who do, glibly deny or reject their existence and relevance as mystical and some phantasmic figment of an over-active imagination. The saints who have come before us, regardless of our recognition of them in evangelical circles, still play a vital role in our lives. My awareness of the “saints” has been purely... Read More

Western Christians Are Wimps: The Realities of Christian Persecution

Image by Travis Silva The doors of the old Iraqi building flung open as countless men flooded into the church with their guns blazing. The barrels of the machine guns smoked from shots fired into the air. The Christians who had gathered now sat in shock waiting to see what would happen next. Amid the fear and chaos, a realization struck the head minster. We are all going to die here. And indeed, these islamic militants obliged this man and shot him... Read More

The Lost Art of Confession: Restoring Transparency and Honesty in the Body of Christ

Pulling back the curtain and sitting down on the provided wooden bench, my eyes widen to the hundreds of words scrawled and scribbled on the walls. As I silently investigate a few scratchings made by previous occupants of this booth, I am transfixed by the brutal honestly that took place on these white walls. How could I not be just as equally honest? I had entered a confession booth. A sort unfamiliar to me as I half expected to find some looming... Read More

Why it’s Meaningless to Say “I Believe in the Bible.”

I have heard it a hundred times. It is probably the most tossed around statement by Christians and evangelical churches alike. But despite its pervasive use, this phrase—which is intended to be insightful and meaningful—means nothing at all. In fact, its’ use continues to increase confusion among those inside and outside the church. And it is more likely than not that you yourself, just as I, have used this confusing phrase. With this phrase... Read More

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