Why You Love Epic Films and Stories: Hearing the Call to Live an Epic Life

Image by Lindsey Frost The fog covered landscape, rough and desolate, held great adventure and great danger. What lay beyond those mountains in the distance, no one knew. The land which this small band of men ventured into was the stuff of legend. What was certain in all their minds was the great evil which was gathering strength in the land beyond. They would, without question, have to face all manners of vile creatures as they set upon their holy... Read More

These are not your Grandma’s Chubby Cherubs: Killer Angels and Messengers from on High

Image by kh2rac Angels. You know, those cubby-little winged babies floating about giggling and clad in nothing but a diaper. Don’t these little cherubs get cold? And who in the world changes their diapers anyway? This precious-moments image of what we glibly call angels seems to dominate most people’s minds—especially during the holiday season. Christmas is filled with porcelain angels clad in flowing gowns sitting atop decorated trees mechanically... Read More

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