Saints, Spirits, and the Catholic Church: The Little-Known Truth of Who We Are in Christ

There is a family and heritage long forgotten by most. They stand about us and sustain us in prayer, but few ever recognize them. And those who do, glibly deny or reject their existence and relevance as mystical and some phantasmic figment of an over-active imagination. The saints who have come before us, regardless of our recognition of them in evangelical circles, still play a vital role in our lives. My awareness of the “saints” has been purely... Read More

How to Break the Cookie-Cutter, Carbon Copy Christian Cycle

Image by Novaliee Mechanized. An assemblage of parts constructing carbon copy images of the same person over and over again. While Ford was the progenitor of the assembly line, Christian culture has become it’s own master of mass production. The assembly line creating mass quantities of goods has one irrefutable quality—unless faulty, the product is exactly the same. Carbon copies of each other is the goal. The “different” or “inconsistent”... Read More

Why Local Church Doors are Closing: We Are Doing Too Much and Need to Do Something Different

Image by Rusty Parks I would wake up in the morning thinking about the day before and dreading my day to come. I didn’t want to meet people. I didn’t want to teach anymore, or give advice. I didn’t want to answer questions. I didn’t even want to spend time with God. I just wanted to sleep; sleep or watch television. I was done. After preaching, this is often how I would feel. My wife probably knows my patterns like clockwork now. It... Read More

The Rocks and Road Blocks in Our Path: Church

When I got saved I had no idea what a Christian lifestyle looked like.  I had just graduated from an intensive drug treatment program and Church to me was a bunch of druggies wailing on the guitar, singing songs that kids sing in Sunday School.  There were no discipleship books or prayer services. We weren’t taught missions or how to share the love of Jesus.  We were simply taught about Jesus, and how He could save us from ourselves. As time... Read More

The Radical Reformission: Reaching Out Without Selling Out

Years ago I saw my former room-mate reading “The Radical Reformission.” I took a quick glance, thought it might be worth reading, and added it to my “to read” list. Unfortunately the book sat under 100 other books that I would read before getting to this book. Oh how I wish I had read this book right then. This book has completely changed the way I think about ministry, the church today in our post-Christian culture, and how the Christian... Read More

The Anatomy of the Body of Christ: Realizing Our Identity and Unity Through the Spirit

Vast and complex, the entire body is interconnected. It functions as one whole unit, though the depths of diversity and distance between cells, organs, and various bodily functions is great. And while every cell works together toward the one great goal and objective of the living organism that it is part of, it also functions with little to no “awareness” of other cells doing similar or quite different functions. I am no biologist or... Read More

The Lost Art of Confession: Restoring Transparency and Honesty in the Body of Christ

Pulling back the curtain and sitting down on the provided wooden bench, my eyes widen to the hundreds of words scrawled and scribbled on the walls. As I silently investigate a few scratchings made by previous occupants of this booth, I am transfixed by the brutal honestly that took place on these white walls. How could I not be just as equally honest? I had entered a confession booth. A sort unfamiliar to me as I half expected to find some looming... Read More

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