A Soiled Heart: A Theology of Growth and Going Green

Image by Charlie Ambler We are dirt. We are, at our very core, that which lies underneath our feet. God reached down and scooped a clod of soil from the earth and formed his creation. And he called it “Adam.” Literally this name, deriving from the word adamah, means ground or earth. This is what we are. Soil. Earth. Dirt. It is what we were made from and what we will return to. This earth, as well as our very bodies, was animated by his breath.... Read More

Temptation: Rethinking Christ, Adam, and Our Everyday Battle with Desire and Sin

Standing upon the precipice and glimpsing over the edge, thousands of kingdoms lay in sight. All of these powers collectively held all the wealth, power, and authority of the world. And they could all be his. They could be his. If only one simple action were taken—If he would bend his knee to that ancient evil, Lucifer. Christ had gotten himself into quite the predicament. How could he resist such an offer? Temptation is no simple thing. Nor is... Read More

Playing Dumb: God’s Desire for Meaningful Communion

God is omniscient. He has complete and perfect knowledge of all things, including the past, present, future, and everything actual and potential. This isn’t my definition but one that has been developed for centuries by countless theologians and thinkers in an attempt to characterize and understand the vastness of God as found in the scriptures. Everything that is possible to know throughout all time is perfectly known by God. He knows the depths... Read More

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