Why Theology Matters: Action Born from Right Understanding

Clearly theology can become a stumbling block if we let it become a purely cerebral thing. If we fall into the trap of pouring all our energy into the intellectual understanding of God’s nature without stepping back to see how that understanding affects the overall picture, then we have completely missed the point. This would be like spending your entire life studying the mathematical relationships and symmetries of your wife’s facial features... Read More

The Misadventures of Doubt: What We Believe is Seen by How We Act

Creaking and whining wood fills the air. Suddenly, the cracking sound of wood explodes along the floorboards as trickles of water percolate through the crevasses. With another pounding waves against the hull, beams begin to break, splitting and splaying ever so slightly. The floor is flooded with flowing water. The walls are weeping. The ship is sinking. Every shipmate and man-at-arms rightly abandons ship, making way to the lifeboats. What folly... Read More

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