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In reflection on this Yom Kippur, I turned to Hebrews 10 to be reminded of the importance of this day. On the Jewish calendar, this is the most holy and sacred day; the day when the high priest could enter into the Holy of Holies, the place where the presence of God, YHVH dwelled. It […]



In every generation, serious questions are raised about the Bible and Christianity. Most of these questions recurs over and over again. And while a great deal of these concerns circulate around whether or not the Christian ethical system is still relevant today, this is a secondary concern. The primary concern comes before the ethical question, but […]


“If you believe in God, what sort of evidence would it take to convince you that God did not exist?”

While talking Theology with my brother Nathan, he asked he this loaded question that a professor of his asked his class: “If you believe in God, what sort of evidence would it take to convince you that God did not exist?” Here was my response: “That blue is not blue, heat is not warm, light […]



From the foundations of the earth, God’s eternal purpose was the gospel. One might wonder, however, what was the function of the Old Testament in general and the law specifically. After all, aren’t we to live good and moral lives according to the 10 Commandments and all? Good people go to heaven, right? Sure, good […]

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Jesus Perfects You, Not Your Own Efforts: Galatians 3:1-6

Law lovers—a very serious accusation in the ancient church. Of all the errors that Paul dealt with, this was paramount—not radical theologies, wild prophets claiming to have a new “revelation” from God, or fantastic healing oils secreted from some holy man’s feet that could be yours for three easy payments of $9.99. No, the error […]

For too long theology has been an academic pursuit held in the ivory towers of dusty academic types. This "study of God" has left countless people scratching their heads or worse, wondering why endless nuanced debates over scriptural and intellectual minutia matters.

A new type of theology is needed—one of which the ancient Christians wrote, felt, and acted out in their everyday lives. Theology permeates everything, bringing us closer in both mind and action to the heart of our creator. We need a progressive theology, one which is relevant for a new generation.

This is THEOLOGY21

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Did Jesus Really Pay It All? How the Perfect Wrongly Believe They Are Enemies of Christ

Jesus paid it all. All to Him I owe. Belting-out this classic and traditional hymn, hundreds jam-packed a local church for their annual Good Friday service to celebrate and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Contemplative Christians pounding their chests and raising hands—some with bent knees and others with heads bowed—filled the room. […]


Are You Really A Sinner? Why There is No Place for Guilt in the Church

Like a constant barrage of blows to the brow and back, splitting flesh, spilling blood, and enjoying the pain, many Christians have convinced themselves that self-abuse and guilt should be the constant mindset. Proverbially sitting at the cross for their entire lives, they refuse to let Christ die and put an end to their sin, […]

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Why Lent, Fasting, and Bible Reading is for Pharisaical Flesh Lovers

With pain and twisted hunger, countless people are practicing their desert theology this Lent season. Through fasting and sacrifice, they attempt to pump themselves up in the eyes of God. Surely He will find greater favor in the one who prays longer, fasts more completely, and physically abuses their body to show God how “serious” […]

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Confessions of a faithless Workaholic: Why You Too Should Think Twice About Why You Go To Church

Silent, absent, and distant. That is how I have felt about my “walk” and my “relationship” with Christ over the last several months. And no doubt many of you may have wondered where the fresh articles, challenging content, and wittily-written musings have gone from the pages of THEOLOGY21. And while I have been overwhelmingly busy […]

Image by Juan Tome Nestal

Cars, Clothes, and Careers Do Not Define You. But What Does?

Who are you? Who am I? When we introduce ourselves to others, a condensed and abridged version of who we actually are is presented. Our families, careers, preferences of entertainment, and political leanings are presented in the simplest of “small-talk.” Married with a child, teacher, and avid coffee fan scarcely scratches the surface of who […]

Image by Nicholas Tan

Are You More Like Christ or the Pharisee? Thoughts on Pride, Arrogance, and Christian Isolationism

With phylacteries flailing and a palpable pride in religious righteousness, the Pharisees believed and behaved as the brokers of God. These elite had it all together. They knew the right words, secret hand-shakes, and religious culture of the inner-circle of God. What’s more, these people believed their squeaky clean lives made them closer to God […]

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Is there a Drought In Your Soul? Thoughts on Spiritual Life and Death

Chocked. Parched. Dry. Empty. Like a well with a cracked surface, showing water and life once was present but is now long absent. Sand dunes and deserts seem more tolerable, for at least they knew nothing of having water. Such images and words do not describe the way it feels when choked and empty spiritually. […]


The Gospel of Crossing: The Gospel According To One Old Guy Carrying A Cross



Flirting With the Fine Line of Sin: Restoring Holiness in an Age of Rebellion

I am guilty…I am so guilty. I am guilty of sometimes doing exactly what I know God doesn’t want me to do. I don’t mean in a birthed-out-of-confusion or deception way—I mean, a true and genuine rebellious spirit. A spirit that looks pleasure dead in the eye and says yes. Even in the midst of […]

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Why You May Be Just As Ghetto As The Next: Reflections On Self-Centeredness

One foot slowly and stylishly stepped in front of the other with a swag and swanker that rivaled that of Kanye West. The twenty-something African American youth, with over-sized pants, shirt, and ball-cap tilted ever so slightly to the right slowly walked (or swaggered in a way that might only be caused by a leg […]

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