“If you believe in God, what sort of evidence would it take to convince you that God did not exist?”


Creation of Adam by Michelangelo While talking Theology with my brother Nathan, he asked he this loaded question that a professor of his asked his class: “If you believe in God, what sort of evidence would it take to convince you that God did not exist?” Here was my response: “That blue is not blue, heat is not warm, light does not illuminate, and that no one is... Read More

Complexity and the Cosmic Symphony

Center Milky Way Galaxy Mountains

Image by Forest Wander I’ve never understood the war between science and religion. Two of the things that I am most passionate about in this life is science and my faith. Not only do I see no dissonance between the two, I see perfect synergy. Science has helped shape the way that I view God and my faith has helped shape the way that I view the universe. We have an amazing... Read More

The Curious Case of the Christian Love Affair with Josephus


Walk into any Christian book store and one will find the collected works of Josephus, sandwiched right between the commentaries of John MacArthur and some other Christian staple—be it “More than a Carpenter” or “Kingdom of the Cults.” Growing up as a PK (pastor’s kid), I knew and recognized this text sitting prominently on the bookshelf right next to all the commentaries,... Read More

I Don’t Exist: The Existence of God and Nothingness


In a swirl of darkness and nothingness, It existed. Time itself, space, and all universal laws were absent. Even to conceive of such an existence is impossible. Our very words to describe nothingness in itself is a description of things. NO THING. Aristotle defined nothing as that which rocks dream of. And in that place, in which no space exists, and in that time, in which there... Read More

That Old Serpent the Devil: The Origin of Evil and the Corruption of Men’s Hearts


In the flashing moment when all was created, one being emerged more elevated and godlike than all the rest. This ancient beast goes by many names long forgotten and unspoken by the tongues of men. He is known as Baha’i Faith, Yazidi, Angra Mainyu, Azazel, and Sammael. But more commonly this most high being is known today as the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer. He was created as the... Read More

Good God! An Evil World and an Apathetic People


Countless cameras catalog their tortured faces filled with fear. Pain. Suffering. These are very real torments which plague humanity across the globe. Transcending culture and language, the face of evil is known by all and is readily recognizable in the still expressions of the dead children who die every five seconds from starvation. Indeed, in the time it has taken to read thus... Read More

Thoughts to Make the Mind Congeal: The Maddening Effects of Exploring an Infinite God


While considered by many as a terrible film filled with blasphemy—most notoriously so for depicting God as a women—Dogma reveals an aspect of our creator which is rarely discussed. It was quipped throughout the film that to truly hear the voice of God—both for men and for angels—one’s heads would explode. This was done in jest throughout the film but they, unintentionally... Read More

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