On Worship: An Insightful Glimpse into the Mind of Dustin Lau

Ridiculous Mercy

If you haven’t heard of Dustin Lau, you will. His new album has not left the confines of my car speakers since his new solo album released. Clashing Indie sounds with sweeping worshipful lyrics, his songs and their lyrics stick with you. One can’t help but fall into worship while listening. Many know Dustin as one of the guitar players for Jack Hamilton whose new album topped... Read More

What is Worship and How Does it Shape Us ?: An Interview With Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Worship is central to the Christian life and communion with our Creator. Scott Johnson, a new face to the relevant worship scene, has just released an album with some insightful and moving songs to move worshipers to that effect. I caught up with Scott to discuss some of his views on worship. When did you feel called to lead people into worship and become a song writer? It all began... Read More

The Gospel According to Gaga: A Modern Commentary on Jesus, Judas, Betrayal, and the Human Propensity Toward Evil

lady gaga judas

On boisterous bikes rolling down the highway, Jesus led his pack of biker-disciples all garnering embroidered leather jackets with skulls and holy names. Such is the image Lady Gaga paints of the twelve disciples in her new music video and single Judas, in which Gaga herself plays the role of the famed harlot and repentant prostitute Mary Magdalene. The video itself is a conglomeration... Read More

The Wonder of the Cross: Reflections on Nails, Wood, and Blood

Cross and Sin

Good Friday, a day when Jesus was nailed to the cross for us and our sins. Many wanted nothing to do with Him, His teachings, or the life to which He called others. His price was high. Long before crucifixion even was a possibility in the disciples minds, Christ asked them to take up their crosses. He wanted them to serve and sacrifice in such a radical way that society would either... Read More

The Cost of Love: Exploring the Role of Money in Relationships


There is a reason why Jesus spoke about money so often. Money is the one god that has led nearly every person to turn their back on the Creator in pursuit of selfish desires. It is the golden calf (Exodus 31) of both ancient and modern times and even more so of our country. So what role can money play in relationships? In marriages? Simple research reveals that a certain group... Read More

God According to Gungor: The Character, Race, and Gender of the Divine


It was early Monday morning when I checked my email to find a message from my friend and developer of Theology21.com, Jonathan Keck. It read something along the lines of this: Had a great time at Catalyst Conference.  Have you heard of Gungor? I saw their video, “God Is Not a Man” there and I was wondering if you’d like to write an article on it? I faceplanted into my keyboard.... Read More

The Radical Reformission: Reaching Out Without Selling Out

Radical Reformission

Years ago I saw my former room-mate reading “The Radical Reformission.” I took a quick glance, thought it might be worth reading, and added it to my “to read” list. Unfortunately the book sat under 100 other books that I would read before getting to this book. Oh how I wish I had read this book right then. This book has completely changed the way I think about ministry,... Read More

The Holman Christian Standard Version


I read the Holman Christian Standard Version Bible. I love it. Here is an interesting, informative video on the translation.  Read More

Pastor Dad: Scriptural Insights on Fatherhood

Pastor Dad

When I became a father, so much more of God’s heart for His children and His creation was revealed. Our Father in heaven loves his children much like how I love my daughter—and infinitely more. But being a father and a husband is probably one of the most difficult—and rewarding—things a man will experience. To this end, Mark Driscoll set out to discuss the realities, importance,... Read More

Death By Love: Letters from the Cross

death by love

Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle, is a man called by God to spread the gospel to the world. His books are timely. His heart and message are passionate and solid. His books are a joy to read. As is this book: Death by Love. Check out the video. You can get the book here  Read More

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