Jonathan Keck

Jonathan Keck is the founder and senior editor of THEOLOGY21. He is a bibliophile, writer, researcher, and teacher specializing in all sorts of odd pieces of information. Jonathan is also an aspiring pastor, currently serving as the Director of College and Community at Community Bible Church in San Bernardino, CA.

But perhaps what he is most well-known for is being a time-traveler—a historian in layman’s terms. It is to this discipline that he has spent ten years studying both Ancient and Medieval European and Near Eastern religions and cultural history.

Though originally aspiring toward teaching in academia, Jonathan felt called to teach the scripture and the good news of Jesus Christ. Though books, knowledge, history, and philosophy hold a dear place in his heart, the work and sacrificial life to which Christ calls his followers has taken president. Jonathan runs three ministries at his local church, teaches full-time in public middle-school, is a full-time graduate student, writes for and runs THEOLOGY21, and still makes some solid time for his wife, Jenna, to whom he is happily married, and his daughter Mikaila.

Mr. Keck did not alway have such an active life in ministry, work, and education. Though he was raised in the church, Jonathan rejected Christianity by the time he was a teen-ager, seeing it as nothing more than a silly religion force-fed him by his father the youth pastor. He turned instead to a darker path. He became an atheistic, ego-centric, demonically-possessed, know-it-all who did little else than pursue the next pleasure. God transformed Jonathan’s life in the summer of 2000, having had a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ. Since then, he has ridden wave after wave of hardship and divine calling.

In the summer of 2010, Jonathan launched a personal blog in which he wrote about theology and the Christian life as he saw it needed to be lived in the twenty-first century. Though his writing endeavor was exciting and successful, in early 2011 he felt called to transform his personal blog into a community. From this desire to create a collective of diverse Christian perspectives united by the blood of Christ and their mission to preach the truth of the gospel, THEOLOGY21 was born. Though in its’ infancy, this site has become the passion and manifested vision of what Jonathan Keck feels Christ has called him toward.

May all who read these articles, scriptures, and thoughts, be blessed and gain deeper insights into the things of God.

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