Why You Are Already Perfect and Already have Everything—You Just Don’t Realize It Yet

Did Jesus Really Pay It All? How the Perfect Wrongly Believe They Are Enemies of Christ

Are You Really A Sinner? Why There is No Place for Guilt in the Church

Why Lent, Fasting, and Bible Reading is for Pharisaical Flesh Lovers

Truth Without Love Breeds Legalism: Thoughts on Old People, the Law, and Knowing Christ

No Matter What They Told You, You Are Already Perfect: The Most Common of Errors—Grace, Works, and Mormons

Why Becoming Holy is Not Through Trying Harder: Thoughts on Sanctification and Self-Examination

Sermon on the Mount: Why According to Jesus the Law is Impossible to Follow


Confessions of an Isolated, Homeschooled Churchie

Confessions of a Halloween-Hiding, Holiday-Hater: Thoughts on the Christian Rejection of Halloween

Confessions of an Over-Consuming, Gluttonous, Squanderer of God’s Wealth: Rethinking How the Church Handles Food and Finances


Jesus Christ has Returned And There are Three of Them: You Get to Pick

The Cloud of God’s Glory: Why Abandoning Religion is What it’s All About

Jesus Christ, Zombie Hunter: He Cameth to Layeth the Smack Down

Not the Christ We Expected: What if Christ Came as Meek and Mild As He Did the First Time?

What If Jesus Walked Our Modern Streets, Rather Than in Antiquity?

Thoughts on the Difficult and Often Ridiculous Teachings of Christ

What Separated us has been Removed: Thoughts on Atonement and Relationship with Hashem

A Jesus Like No Other: Restoring a Vandalized Portrait of Christ

Who Do You Say That I Am: Zombies, Prophets, and Homeboy Jesus

Image of the Invisible: A Portrait of an Infinite God

Playing Dumb: God’s Desire for Meaningful Communion


Jesus Christ, Zombie King: The Resurrection and Raising of the Dead

Does God Hate Some and Save Others? : Musings on Predestination, Election, and God’s Love

God Is Not Some Crafty Fortune-Teller: Eternity, Time, and God’s Place In It

God Is A Pissed-Off Father With A Shotgun: Thoughts On Judgement and How We Will Stand On That Day

That kid in the feeding trough is not just some baby: Rethinking the divinity of Infant Jesus and our approach to Him on Christmas

Is God Really An Old, Glowing, Bearded Man? How We See God Defines Everything


Saints, Spirits, and the Catholic Church: The Little-Known Truth of Who We Are in Christ

Do We Despise and Criticize the Holy Spirit? Thoughts on Miracles and Our Hatred of Them

Trusting in Our Words Instead of Trusting in God: The Paradox of Faith In the Miraculous

The Conduits and Flow of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives: Becoming Agents of Change in Our Cities

Stop Handicapping Christ and Do Something: Blindness and Christ’s Healing of It

Holy Healing Handkerchiefs: The Miraculous and the Potency of the Holy Spirit

Let Us Not Make an Idol of the Bible: Why Trusting the Holy Spirit Within is Often More Important


The Lost Art of Prayer: The Danger of Praying in Public Places

The Lost Art of Confession: Restoring Transparency and Honesty in the Body of Christ

Western Christians Are Wimps: The Realities of Christian Persecution


Screaming Praise: The Passionate Heart of Christian Hardcore

On Worship: An Insightful Glimpse into the Mind of Dustin Lau

What is Worship and How Does it Shape Us ?: An Interview With Scott Johnson

If the Rocks Will Worship, So Shall We: The Triumphal Entry, Palm Sunday, and Worship


The Dangers of Church Signs: Rescuing the Church from Greedy Irrelevant Old Men


Contemplating Lent: Meanings and Origins

Why Lent is Important and Why Working for Christ is not the Same as Being with Christ


Is Seminary Really a Cemetery? Theology as “Jezebelic” Religious Witchcraft

Are Demons Responsible for your Hemorrhoids? The Tension Between Science and Faith

I Am Fire of Fire: The Ancient Church’s View on Demons

That Old Serpent the Devil: The Origin of Evil and the Corruption of Men’s Hearts

What the Hell!? Ancient Abortions, Pitchforks, and Where the Worm Dieth Not

Witches, Warlocks, and Wannabe Wizards: The Reality and Danger of Sorcery and Spells

Don’t Let Those Rosy Cheeks Fool You, Santa is Satan: Thoughts on Christmas and Kriss Kringle

Hell: That’s What’s Going Down!


How My Father Invented the Heavenly Father: The Dangerous (and Potentially Beautiful) Power Fathers Have Over Their Children

The Idol of Convenience: How We Treat Strangers and Others Shows Our True Hearts

Live For Now (In Light of Later): How Pepsi Shows Christians How to Live

The Poison Infecting All Youth: Thoughts On Why Murder and Death is Humorous

The Hunted Sex: Why Men Are The Prey In An Eroticized Culture

Why You Naturally Think About Sex and Food (and How It Can Be Changed): The Ritual and Habit of Your Mind and Thoughts

Why Everyone Should Live By the Phrase YOLO

Confessions of a faithless Workaholic: Why You Too Should Think Twice About Why You Go To Church

Cars, Clothes, and Careers Do Not Define You. But What Does?

Should Christmas really be about Christ? I For One Am Saying No

Are You More Like Christ or the Pharisee? Thoughts on Pride, Arrogance, and Christian Isolationism

Is there a Drought In Your Soul? Thoughts on Spiritual Life and Death

God Wants Something From You—*And It’s More Than What You’re Giving Him

Mannequin Nipples And Erotomania: Rethinking Consumer Culture

The Gospel of Crossing: The Gospel According To One Old Guy Carrying A Cross

Flirting With the Fine Line of Sin: Restoring Holiness in an Age of Rebellion

I Want A Bloody, Violent Persecution: Thoughts on Christ’s Call and The Church

Why You May Be Just As Ghetto As The Next: Reflections On Self-Centeredness

God Broke My Car: Thoughts on Mishaps, Blessings, and Why You Should Be Grateful

What Does God REALLY Want from us? A Kernel of Spiritual Thought

Buried By Busy: Tips On How to Have A Healthy Walk With Christ In A Crazy Busy Life

Banning the Bible: In Certain Churches, the Word of God is No Longer Welcome

When Prayer Becomes a Joke and Protestants Go Too Far: Restoring Reverence and Awe in the Everyday

Is Christianity Confusing? Faith Language for the 21st Century

Choosing God or Ourselves: A Short Challenging Thought

Do You Really Trust God with Your Finances?

The Wine Of Heaven: What I Learned At A Mystic, “Drunk on the Glory of God” Charismatic Meeting

How to Break the Cookie-Cutter, Carbon Copy Christian Cycle

Why We Should Respect Mark Driscoll’s Response: The Humility of Simple Correction in Love

The Old Spice Man and Women’s Porn: Are You Addicted?

Mark Driscoll, Rachel Held Evans, and “Effeminate” Worship Leaders: Why Love and Prayer Must be at the Center of Disagreement

The Gospel for Christians: Why Your Pride May Be Lurking in Your Heart

Marriage and Divorce: Restoring the Sacredness of a Perverted Sacrament

Is Marriage Still Relevant? Divorce, Relationships, and Sex

Why Keeping Your Word May Be Life and Death: Promises, Human Sacrifice, and Becoming a Liar

The Gospel For Christians: Fear and Insecurity 

Why Agreement is So Important! Thoughts on Unity and Function of the Church

Treating God Like A Cosmic Vending Machine: Rethinking How We Pray

The Gospel For Christians: Becoming Bold in the Face of Uncertainty

God’s Provision in Doubt and Indecision: Why Trusting In Him is Nothing Unique or New—Even For Those Called to Peru

Overcoming Doubt With Childlike Faith: How Christians Should Face Difficult Questions

Prophecy—A Christian’s Crystal Ball? Thoughts on Discerning God’s Voice from Among Men

Spiritual Obesity: A Western Dilemma of Indolence and Inaction

The Stuff of Legend: Hearing the Call to Live an Epic Life for Christ

The Lust of the Flesh and the Heart of Fasting: Abstaining From Pleasures to Strengthen the Soul

When Even the Table-Crumbs Look Tasty: The Realities, Pitfalls, and Strategies Needed for Fasting

Is Smoking Sinful? Rethinking Christian Liberty and the Body as a Temple

The Anatomy of the Body of Christ: Realizing Our Identity and Unity Through the Spirit

Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn: Thoughts on Sin, Judgement, and Humanitarianism

Are We Living for Christ or Cash? Musings Over Possession, Power, and Popularity in the Church

The Bride of Christ is a Dirty, STD Ridden Slut

That Most Holy of Holies: The Sacredness of the Pastor

Street Preaching and Angry Screaming: Sharing Faith in the Public Space

Flirt Convert: Mormon Mysteries and the Art of Missionary Dating

The Perils of Prayer in a Technologized World

Sir, Put Down the Ghetto Latte and Get a Latte: Thoughts on Theft in the 21st century

The Question Is Not Whether Your An Addict But To What Are You Addicted?

A Brief Encounter with Greed: The Precarious Nature of Flesh and Our Desire for It

Why it’s Meaningless to Say “I Believe in the Bible.”

On the Clutter and Collection of Junk in our Souls

Righteous Anger or Sinful Rage: How Should Christians React to a World that Hates Christ?

The Misadventures of Doubt: What We Believe is Seen by How We Act

Temptation: Rethinking Christ, Adam, and Our Everyday Battle with Desire and Sin

A Soiled Heart: A Theology of Growth and Going Green

Not Quite What He Had in Mind For the Scripture: Marijuana, The Bible, and Drug Use Among Christians

How Would Jesus Vote? The Politics of Christ and How Christians Should Relate to Government

What If All Your Thoughts Became Real? The Depths of Depravity and Human Evil

It’s Not the Late-Night Pizza You Ate: Dreams and How God Speaks Through Them

The Wonder of the Mundane and Mysterious: Having the Heart of a Child in a Cynical World

Rapture vs. Nurture

God’s Eye View: Trust and Hope in the Bleak and Grim

Gratefulness is a Choice: Rethinking Groceries, Motor-Vehicles, and the Shed Blood of Christ

The Key to the Question “How Do You Measure Success?”

On Creating a Church that Lasts: Becoming a Generational Community

Are You too Busy For Christ? Practical Steps in Redeeming Lost Time

Beauty, Lust, and Pornography Through the Eyes of God: Confessions and Musings of a Lust-Crazed Young Man

These are not your Grandma’s Chubby Cherubs: Killer Angels and Messengers from on High

Real Solutions Not Resolutions: What Things Will You Really Change This Year?

Feeling the Monastic Call: Deploying Ancient Practices of Christ-Following

The Spirit of the Pharisees in and Among Us: The Ordering of Greater and Lesser Sinners

Are Women Really Supposed to be Silent? Musings on the Paradox of Women’s Spiritual Authority

The Divide Between Illicit Sex and Homosexuality: Thoughts on the Love that Exists Between Men

Why Your Schedule May Be Evicting Christ from Your Life: The Distraction and Clutter of a Busy Life

Are There Boundaries Between Men and Women? Rethinking the Social Division Between the Sexes


Why You Might Just Be the One Who is Ignorant: The Bible, Bart Ehrman, and the Ignorance of Christians

Why You Might Be A Bible Shredding, Gospel Contorting Christian: A Few Key Ideas on Reading the Scripture Well

Why Predicting Christ’s Return Makes a Mockery of Christianity

Does God Really Call Women to Just Submit? A Response to “Submission Theology” and the Criticism of Patriarchal Christianity

Mark of the Beast: The Phantom 666 Barcode

The Curious Case of the Christian Love Affair with Josephus

Thoughts on the Torah: The Mystery of Christ and the Use of the Old Testament in the Christian’s Life

So You Want to Hear God’s Voice? Stop Silencing Him and Open Your Bible

The Forgotten Calling: Are there Apostles in the Modern Church?

Man and Dinosaur Lived in Hippie, Rainbow-laden Harmony: A Summary of the Traditional View of the Genesis Creation

The Literary Framework View: Why a Non-Literal Interpretation of Genesis is More Biblical

The Purpose of Biblical Creation: Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

How We Can Know God Created an Ancient Universe Eons Ago


Why What You Are Believing May Not be The Truth: The Christian Plurality of Fact and Faith

Are You Destined For A Specific Career?: Making the Gamble of Choosing A Passion

Setting the Ground Rules: Thoughts on Free Will, Determinism, and Compatibilism

The False-Danger of Misinformation: Why Reading and Studying Contradicting “Truths” Strengthen Our Walks With Christ.

Universalism: The Dangers of Postmodern Theology in the Church

Empty Boxes: Thoughts on Theology and Knowing

Are You Talking to Me?! The Art of Misunderstanding and Theological Double-Talk

Burning Bushes and Blinding Men: Humanity’s Encounter with an Inexplicable God

Naming God: The Parlous Endeavor of Writing God with a Lower-case “g”

Thoughts to Make the Mind Congeal: The Maddening Effects of Exploring an Infinite God

A Discourse on Sin, Separation, and Our True Identity in Christ

I Don’t Exist: The Existence of God and Nothingness


What Does Science Tell Us About Our Soul? 

When Scientists Play God: How Far is Too Far?

A Christian Guide to Choosing a Birth Control Method

The Unification of the Soul and the Cell: Christian Thoughts on Stem Cell Research

The Science of Miracles: Theological Lessons from Middle-Schoolers

No Intellectual Boot-Straps Allowed: The Problem of Intellect and Stephen Hawking

Complexity and the Cosmic Symphony

Caring for Creation: Reflections on Earth Day and Christian Environmentalism

God and Evolution: The Truth About How God Created


The Face of Famine and Drought in Kenya: What Can Be Done?

The Cost of Following Christ: Why You May Not Be Living Up to Your Calling

Why No Matter Who You Are, You Are A Missionary: An Interview With Conway Robinson

How Are We To Spread the News?: Bible Thumping, Thermometers, and Radical Service

Morality-Policing and Bible-Thumping: Christian Culture—the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Err of Evangelism: Why Infomercials and Proselytism Have More in Common Than One Might Think

Why Local Church Doors are Closing: We Are Doing Too Much and Need to Do Something Different

Are We Really Evangelical? Thoughts on Hell, Action, and Missional Living

A Flirting with Righteousness: The Obligation Toward Radical Love, Service, and Giving of Ourselves

Help Us Meet the Needs of Some Incredible Missionaries: The Simple Pains of Not Having a Dryer

Why Do We Suffer? Rethinking Pain’s Role in the Christian’s Life

The Cost of Carrying the Cross: The Difficult and Unthinkable Price Christ May Demand

Why Passing the Offering Basket May Rob Christians of Genuine Giving and Their Call to Sacrifice More

The Christian is Not Just a Servant, But a Slave: The Tricky Business of Living Out Our True Identity

The Offering of Every Kind: The Uncomfortable Nature of Giving

Bread and Fish: Providing for the Needs in our Communities

Good God! An Evil World and an Apathetic People

The Perils of Pay in a Passion-Filled Preacher: How the Church Should Rethink Money, Work, and Service

Everything is Meant to Give: The Heart of God and Our Call to Generosity

Be His Body: Becoming the Callused, Bloody Hands of Christ

Through Discipleship, Transformation Comes: Lessons of Growth From The First International Missionary

Who Are You A Missionary To? Why the Church Needs to be Missional Again

Changing a Culture of Sex and Promiscuity: Thoughts on Purity From the Mission Field

The Dreaded Welcome: Rethinking the Church Meet and Greet

The Rocks and Road Blocks in Our Path: Church

Losing Jesus: Can We Get Him back?

If You’re Not Sacrificing Everything, You’re Not Worthy of Following Christ: The Difficult and Radical Teaching of Christ

Rejecting Counterfeit Love: Why That Social Justice Cause May Not Be Good Enough


Jesus Was A Pimp: Polygamy, Mormonism, and the Old Testament

Can Christians Be Possessed by Demons? Exorcism, Fallen Angels, and Invisible Enemies

What Are The Scientologists Up to Now?! Music Videos, Doctrine, and Frumpy Christian Music

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Distinguishing Christ from the Plethora of Putative Jesi

Theology is Dead: Looking for God on the Streets, Not in the Libraries of the Elites

Why Theology Matters: Action Born from Right Understanding

What Makes a Heretic? : Theological Error, Orthodoxy, and Excommunication

The Mormon Faith: Friend or Foe?

Hearing from Bell: What Rob Actually Believes Straight from His Own Mouth

Truth among the Masses: Thoughts on Mormonism and Scripture

Nothing says Jesus Died for You like a Juicy Cheeseburger: Communion, Symbolism, and Literalism

Forget the Planet, Mormons are Taking over the Universe: Rethinking and Becoming a Missional People

Don’t Let the Witnesses Fool Ya, His Name’s Not Jehovah: How We Can Know The Name of God

The Danger and Destruction of Denominationalism: The Much Needed Unity In and Intimacy with Christ


We Need to Make Every Vice Illegal! Legislation on Same-Sex Marriage and Other Sins

Evolution is a Slippery Slope to Gay: Colbert, Homosexuality, and “Gay Jesus”

Why My Students (and other young people) Won’t Pledge to the Flag or Pray: Reflections for 9/11

Just Jesus and True Freedom: Kingdom Ethics and A Response To Kurt Willems

What’s the Big Deal about Weiner’s Wiener?

Killing Justice: What Should be the Christian’s Reaction to the Death of Osama Bin Laden?

What Are You Remembering On This Memorial Day? Military, Martyrs, and Missionaries


Mark Driscoll, the Face of Christ—Has He Gone Too Far?: France and the Salvation Army


You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful: The Pop Song Jesus Is Singing To You Personally

Why Love and Fulfillment is Not Found in Relationships: The Black Keys’ Everlasting Light

Do You Want to Be Known? Thrice and the Heart of God—PART 1

Do You Want to Be Known? Thrice and the Heart of God—PART 2

The Spiritual and Musical Art of Thrice: A Review of the New Album Major/Minor

Gungor’s New Single: When Death Dies

Sleeping Giant: An Interview with Tommy Green

What Captain America Says About You: American Mythology and the Armor of God

The Song Jesus Christ is Singing to You: Rihanna’s Only Girl (in the World)

Why You Love Epic Films and Stories: Hearing the Call to Live an Epic Life

REJECT APATHY: RELEVANT’s New Magazine and the Heart of Christian Social Justice

Harry Potter: An Evil Corrupting Cancer or A Saintly Biblical Example? 

The Gospel According to Gaga: A Modern Commentary on Jesus, Judas, Betrayal, and the Human Propensity Toward Evil

Ancient Faith and Film: What AGORA Says About the Christian Faith in Antiquity and in Modern Culture

A Life Without The Other Oar: Thoughts On The Narrow Path

The Wonder of the Cross: Reflections on Nails, Wood, and Blood

The Cost of Love: Exploring the Role of Money in Relationships

God According to Gungor: The Character, Race, and Gender of the Divine

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