Shield-Trinity-Scutum-Fidei-basicTheology. With that one simple word, images of stuffy elitism, highbrow learning, and irrelevant head-knowledge come dancing into mind. Theology, at the very core of the word itself, is the study and pursuit of God. Theology is the English translation of the Greek word theologia (θεολογία). The word has two roots, which describe the highest human pursuit when combined together. Theos means “God” and logia means utterances, sayings, reason, and discourse. Together, theology is the meanings, sayings, teachings, and discourse on God. At its’ very core, theology is the pursuit and attempt to meet and understand God. It is not just some intellectual endeavor. Theology and the scripture have been secularized and intellectualized. They are now academic disciplines rather than the very life and air we breath as we pursue and experience God in the every day. He is found on the streets, not in the libraries of the elites—a progressive theology that is relevant and real for both Christians and those to whom we want to speak.

With the coming of the 21st century, the western and former Christian cultures have changed dramatically. No longer can one find Christian morality on every street corner. The teachings of Christ are manipulated and a grossly distorted image of Christ and God has emerged. Perhaps more appalling than the popular and academic imaginings of Christ, the church itself has distorted and contorted the identity and nature of God. There is a desperate need to return to the ancient ways of living and thinking properly. A time when theology was not just thought but also coupled with action.

Together they form an ancient progressive theology. A theology that is both a return to the ancient church and progressive in speaking to the post-Christian culture of the 21st century.

This is THEOLOGY21

  • Do any of you have a legit review of Rob Bells new book “Love Wins”?

  • It will be out tomorrow! I have been collecting every blog and every comment made to see where people are going with all this. Obviously I haven’t read the book yet but i’ll have some premium content up tomorrow.

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