thinking-manIn every generation, serious questions are raised about the Bible and Christianity. Most of these questions recurs over and over again. And while a great deal of these concerns circulate around whether or not the Christian ethical system is still relevant today, this is a secondary concern. The primary concern comes before the ethical question, but how one answers the primary question has the most profound impact on the secondary.

We ought not start with whether or not the ethical system in the Bible is true, but rather is the Bible true. Not whether it contains truths, but whether it is as it claims to be, “God breathed.”

How this is answered, answers all other questions.

While it is certain that no amount of evidence and argumentation will satisfy the most staunch of critics, we would be remiss to not provide answers—or at least commentary—to the loudest criticisms, complaints, and questions.

In my opinion, getting to the heart of theology, and intentional worshipful living from those beliefs, holds the deepest meaning. However, apologetics must come first.

Defending, and explaining, why the Bible and Biblical truths are still true must be answered.

And while the primary concern on this webpage is the exploration of theology and intentional worshipful living, I will be dedicating some space to apologetics, historical questions, archaeological evidence, manuscripts, and transmission/translation of the biblical text.


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