Why You Are Already Perfect and Already have Everything—You Just Don’t Realize It Yet


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Many have a deep nostalgia and strong emotion toward Christmas. As children, we laid wrestling in bed, eager to creep down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what beautifully wrapped bundles and boxes lay beneath that glorious tree. The overwhelming excitement and joy can scarcely be described, bubbling and pressing itself up through the chest and into the throat. Such excitement was felt in every inch of the body.

On that day, a young child awoke and—whose bed-head hair twisted and defied gravity in the most curious fashion and whose footy-pajama slippers with Ninja-turtle heads atop the toes bobbled as he walked—scuffled across the floor toward the tree. Underneath those twinkling lights and glowing pine needles lay mountains of gifts that seemed unending. Taking the first gift and excitingly checking the name tag, he found that this present—and every single glorious gift—was for him! Thousands and thousands of gifts lay there, ready for him to open. They are his—all he need do is open them and enjoy.

While no doubt few child actually received thousands of gifts, it is a common desire of most children (and who are we kidding, adults too) to receive such presents.

This is a metaphoric mystery.

The greatest gift of all is that we have been adopted into the trinity through the blood of Jesus Christ. We are his children—loved sons, not strangers. And God is the best gift-giver of them all (good thing for me since my “love-language” is gifts!).

As his children, he has completely and perfectly made us whole, clean, and perfect. The work was complete on the cross! Nothing more can be added to what Christ has done. No effort, duty, work, or obedience is placed upon us as the old law once had done. In its’ place, a new law has been applied to us—the law of the spirit which drives us into good living.

We are this child coming to the Christmas tree. Our Father has given us an infinite number of gifts—they are all ours already but we must open them to enjoy them. Many of us are blind to the gifts or open one and abandon the rest to play with it alone.

Just like the gifts, we already have everything. It is all ours and we are already perfectly complete in Christ. We must now open ourselves to the gifts and truly believe the promises and realities of who we are already in Christ.

The gifts are countless. From the removal of certain unwanted habits which once were sin in us to the untold and often shunned spiritual gifts.

They are already yours.

Realize today that you already sit at a loving Fathers feet who is goading you to grab another gift for you to open and enjoy!

Check out the weekly vlog of John Crowder who constantly refreshes me in the grace gospel and from whose work this article was inspired. Blessings brothers and sisters!


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