You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful: The Pop Song Jesus Is Singing To You Personally


One Direction—What Makes You Beautiful

You don’t know you’re beautiful. Shyly masking your appearance behind makeup, you live your life within cloud of insecurity. Am I pretty enough? Am I attractive and could anyone possibly love me? My body, my face, and my fashion holds no candle to the supermodels and their sexy figures splashed across every magazine cover.

A resounding “no” echoes within her mind. And thus, she attempts to mask herself in a lie—a covering-up with generous portions of foundation and color. But the covering can not possibly be applied enough to cover the true flaw—her insecurity. No physical blemish is seen to the true heart of love so well captured by One Direction and their song What Makes You Beautiful. 

While certainly this pop hit has been incredibly popular among teens, as they fantasize these words being sung to them personally about their physical appearance, another deeper meaning can be seen.

This is a song that Christ sings over his bride—over you personally.

Lyrics to You Don't Know You're Beautiful

The scripture is filled with dozens of allusions to Christ’s relationship with those he has redeemed and saved. He died for his one and true love and bride. The creator of the universe has intentionally couched his relationship with us through the image of a relationship—a perfect husband finding his bride, declaring her holy, and through her husband, has become perfect. “The two become one flesh”—through the wedding of Christ and the sinner, the unclean is swept away. You are a beautiful bride!

Many find this message to good to be true and want to add their own “perfecting.” They fail to realize that they are already beautiful and loved perfectly. And just as a beautiful woman thinking she is ugly and attempts to mask that beauty under countless layers of make-up, so too does the church try to make themselves more “attractive” to her husband. All that effort is unwarranted and unneeded.

In the words of One Direction, “If only you saw what I can see, You’ll understand why I want you so desperately, Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe, You don’t know, You don’t know you’re beautiful.” No exterior change needs to be made to make you more attractive to Christ. You are already perfect. Does this negate the fact that you might want to look “hot” for your man JC? By no means, we bush our teeth, wash our hair because we are loved—but not to gain his love!

Because of his love for you, he can truly say, “Baby you light up my world like nobody else, The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.” He loves you like no one else—no other being in all creation was fashioned for this purpose but his bride—you above all beings in the cosmos. You are beautiful and loved.

Christ is singing this song over you and over your heart. No matter what you have done in the past, no matter how many times you have failed in whichever battle you are waging with yourself and sin, you are beautiful, loved, and perfect—and you need to know it.


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  • C.

    Comparing Jesus’ love for his church to a One Direction song? I appreciate the sentiment, but Jesus is singing What Makes You Beautiful over me? And here I was, hoping Jesus would sing me something a little more sophistocated than a teen pop song…

  • HAHA. Well, I think Jesus is singing all kinds of stuff—but sophistication is not a rubric. How about this RIHANNA Song.

  • RL

    ‘You’ll understand why I want you so desperately.’ When I first heard this song I absolutely loved it. Mostly-because I love cheesy pop music. This is certainly Jesus’ love song for me. I just saw this article–and I thank you whoever wrote it…for being a religion buster! Jesus isn’t a religion or a set of rules to follow. He is the author of relationship, and the best big brother in the world =).

  • claire

    i love this song and One Direction
    what needs more be said? :)

  • So where does the “being a peculiar people” and “being set apart” for the name of The Lord come into play?
    That looks like some compromising to get visitors to your website..

  • Lauren

    Well Jesus never looked for a bride God is holy and perfect and does not need a spouse.
    Also I really wish one direction would become Christians and write music specifically about god, not girls … Even though there whole point is to make girls fall in love with them and be obsessed like I kinda am. I love them, but I would love them more if they knew Jesus and agnoledged there talent and fame to him . :)

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