Do You Want to Be Known? Thrice and the Heart of God—PART 2


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“I bragged of baring my bones…” Kensrue states in reference to a track from the album The Illusion of Safety, a track ironically entitled In Years to Come. He recalls his desire and eagerness to live a sacrificial lifestyle. A lifestyle where he would set his needs, comfort and desires aside and live to love God with everything in him. However, in hindsight he acknowledges that he still has, “…badges to earn…” and that he hasn’t quite lived up to his promises. He admits his failure. He confesses his shortcomings. How many of us can say we do the same? Why does he do it? He does it because he knows his God. He does it because his God already knows him. He understands that the love God has for him is an unconditional love that knows no bounds. The love between Dustin and his creator is described as, “A loyalty sworn,” (The Weight) and there is nothing he has ever done or will ever do that will separate him from that love.

In listening to Major/Minor for a week straight since it’s release, I have realized something. There’s something very respectable about art that that is genuine and honest. I could have turned the radio to any particular station and heard a number of songs with simple and predictable melodies and lyrics. Songs that are meant to appease the listener. After hearing them a few times though, there would be some that I’d definitely grow sick and tired of. Instead, I chose to really listen to the new Thrice album. While I was captivated and drawn into the album as a whole, I wrestled with some of the songs, as they, at times, seemed to have their own personality. These songs were going to do what they wanted to do despite what I expected or thought they should do at first listen. It wasn’t until I decided to trust the artistry, to relax and enjoy the ride that I fell in love with the album. I’m now certain that these are songs I will enjoy for years to come. I don’t think this would’ve been the case if the record were completely surface level, repetitious or predictable. Kensrue and Thrice have created, yet again, another album true to themselves and not just something they thought everyone would want to hear.

We live in a world where movies, music, advertisement, news and government only show us what they want us to see, what they think we want to see. Everyone is terrified at the thought being known as they really are. However, in this world we can find comfort in knowing that God loves us just as we are. There is nothing about us that he doesn’t know. Pretenses are useless. He knows our worries, our fears, our secrets, our struggles, our weaknesses and our failures, but somehow we are still valuable enough to him that he gave up his own life for us. He also designed us with the purpose of developing that kind of relationship with one another. It’s one of the greatest gifts he’s given us. His desire is for us to know and be known and then to love and be loved. I would argue that anything other than this is not real relationship and will not be truly satisfying. Here are the lyrics to Anthology. I pray that this song would paint a picture in your mind of what a true and lasting relationship looks like, “A loyalty sworn…come what may”. The relationship God is calling us to with himself, but also with other people.


Our life’s built of tin cans and string
But the cornerstone laid is a wondrous and beautiful thing
Sure in the ground
While the North Wind has taken it’s toll
You have helped me to find my way back
And to anchor my soul
Safe in the sound
O, you know me, o, and I know you
And I know that we can see this through
I bragged of baring my bones
Said if we heard the howling I’d run out to face it alone
To meet it halfway
But I’ve still got badges to earn
So keep sifting my soul cause I think that I’m starting to learn
To love you that way
And it’s true that you could snap my neck
But I trust you’ll save my life instead
‘Cause our love is a loyalty sworn
If we hold to our hope then I know we can weather this storm
Whatever they say
Come what may


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