God Broke My Car: Thoughts on Mishaps, Blessings, and Why You Should Be Grateful


I expected billows of smoke to pour out from under the hood of my car. A pale mist would seep out from under the creases as an appalling bang might be heard. Soon following, the mechanical sounds of parts breaking and falling to the ground would clang in my ears. Perhaps a small fire might emerge. Whatever might happen as my car stalled in the middle of the road, it wasn’t good. As I turned my key over to start it again, the familiar roar of the engine block was all but silent. And in its’ place an haunting sputtering of the ignition attempting to spark life into my now dead car rang in my ears. But over and over all that was heard from my engine was the wheezing and dry cough of a engine that refused to start.

And as the car behind impatiently waited, several thoughts ran through my head. “How will I get out of the street? Who will I call? How will I get to work? Will my boss understand? I just started this job! Do I have the money to pay for a major repair? I had better check the bank.”

As these thoughts rolled through my mind in the few seconds it took for me to turn my key a few times, I noticed that the one waiting behind me was a coworker I barely knew who worked in my department.

“How embarrassing” I thought.

Within seconds, however, my engine started and I pulled forward. No more than 15 seconds had passed—though they seemed like an eternity.

The first thing which came to mind as I pulled onto the adjacent street was how grateful I was to God. The car, its’ functioning parts, and the job to which I was driving are all blessings.


Stories such as these play out in millions of peoples lives across the country. Indeed, similar stories no doubt occur all over the world. In my mind, very little else is as frustrating as car trouble. But similar problems the world over interrupt our plans and everyday lives.

What I could not get out of my mind was the incredible blessings that we all have. My first inclination was to worry or perhaps (given enough time) be angry at the situation. The truth is, however, that every breath I take, ever moment I have, everything I see and touch, and every object I own are all blessings from God.

And when I turn that key of my car, I must recognize that it is not the gas which moves to the engine where flame and pressure ignite moving pistons that make the engine start or the car I drive function properly.

God, whose hand of blessing over all creation, allows the earth to rotate, the sun to rise, gravity to maintain its’ pull, and our machines and inventions to function. It is He who holds all creation together and the very atoms of the universe to function as they do.

God started my engine.

And while yes, there was some mechanical malfunction in that moment, such malfunctions or the lack of them are made possible by the hand and will of God.

All things come from Him.

So next time you turn that key, bite into that meal, look up at the stars, or simply sit in that chair while reading, all is made possible by God’s grace.

It is proper to give Him thanks.


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  • i pile in a family of six into a 4 seater volkswagon beatle. I tried buying cars to fit the family but they all seemed to have broken down……. Oh God what are you doing in my life ahahahah.

  • Something amazing no doubt. 

  • Seamus

    Amen! Great job on this article, after all, how many times do we forget this simple truth and need some reminding? All things are possible through Christ, who strengthens me (and a failing engine, apparently :) This is SOO important for us all to remember in the good, bad, and neutral times in our lives.

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