The Spiritual and Musical Art of Thrice: A Review of the New Album Major/Minor


Since the formation of the band in 1998, Thrice has consistently succeeded in reinventing themselves as musicians, writers, and artists with each album that they produce. The new album Major/Minor, which was released last Tuesday, is a very guitar driven record with dirty riffs, quirky upbeat riffs, and grooving bass lines throughout. The energy of the album is captivating and very refreshing. Musically, the album marks another great milestone in the evolution of the band and displays the effect of varied influences from each of the members.

Dustin Kensrue, the lead singer, guitarist, and lyricist for the band has also never disappointed his fans with his powerful and influential lyricism. The lyrics of Major/Minor express Kensrue’s heart as he strives to understand his relationship with God, humanity, and himself. He pours his heart out with sincere honesty and it is quite inspiring. One of my personal favorite tracks from the album is the song called Blinded. Kensrue confesses his heart of a pharisee and his struggles with pride and stubbornness. In the chorus, he proclaims his great gratitude for God’s unconditional love for himself and for all of us despite our wretched sinful natures.

Blinded lyrics

I was always one of the righteous
Never lived outside of the lines
Kept a close watch on the whitewash
Disguising the dead bones inside
Disguising the dead bones inside

I was always one of the good ones
Keeping tabs on everyone else
Sure that I was one of the chosen
I was a child of Hell
I was a child of Hell

But you buried me in the bright light
Yeah you held my eyes to the sun
‘Till I could see that

I was worse
Than I ever feared I could be
But somehow
I was loved
More than I ever dared to believe
Because of you

I was always one of the blameless
Or at least, that’s what I believed
Never thought I could’ve been blinded
Until I could no longer see
Until I could no longer see


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  • Anonymous

    Powerful, thought provoking, mirror-image lyrics! Thanks for sharing!

  • Layferg

    I am so happy to see Thrice getting some love on here.  Kensrue’s lyrics are incredibly honest and speak the gospel to such a wide range of people.  I’ve posted a few reviews of songs off Major/Minor on my blog:

  • Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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