Buried By Busy: Tips On How to Have A Healthy Walk With Christ In A Crazy Busy Life


Many of us are buried alive. We are doomed or dead, and don’t even know it. Our busy lives are just empty shells and shadows of what was once a vibrant life. There is something within the American western context which encourages people to be so busy that there is little or no time for quit reflection and inward introspection.

For me, I am currently buried under a mountain of post-it notes, scraps of paper, homework, and books. I am buried by busy.

While I have always been a “busy” person, having my hands in multiple pots at church, school, work, and website, I have never before been this busy. Recently I accepted a new position teaching at a local Catholic School. What I was unaware of was how much work it would take to teach four different subjects—lesson plans, content, power-points, grading, and all the other nuances that go with teaching.

And never before has my “busy” affected my time with Christ—until now.

After a month of working my fingers to the bone, I feel dry, chapped, cracked, broken, empty, and like a shadow of my former self. My time with Christ has been remarkably diminished.

And my Bible and prayer time might best be compared to a drive by shooting. I creep up on my target, cap a couple off, and speed away. No reflection. No peace.

These changes have made me rethink my position on “busy” and our spiritual lives. It is naive to just tell people to be less busy. While that may be the solution for some, many cannot.

Yes, the guy who watches 3 hours of sports a night can easily cut from that entertainment time. What I am talking about is the single-Mom working multiple jobs to make ends meet for her kids. Or the person who workers that crazy graveyard swing-shift and gets home just in time to take care of the kids.

How can time be redeemed for the health of our souls and the sparse and sporadic moments best utilized for Christ?

Here are a few thoughts and please add your own in the comments below:

Pray, worship, or reflect while driving to and from work.

Download a Bible on your smartphone—YouVersion has saved me many a time.

Read the Bible while in the Bathroom (if you’re the reading-while-going type).

“Text Message” prayers throughout the day to praise God.

Striving for an over-all “worshipful” spirit throughout the day.

Set-up a verse of the day calendar or App on your Phone.

Go through Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest—a short  and thoughtful daily reading

Do you have any other strategies or suggestions for me and others buried by busy?


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  • Phillip Martin

    Very good suggestions! I usually have to read the bible on the toilet and pray while driving. I actually have had the most profound experiences while praying and worshipping while driving…I actually miss driving and talking to God in the silence (sometimes I drive just to do that). My suggestion would be to read Brother Lawrence’s “Practicing the Precense of God”…if Lawrence could live a life of devotion while washing dishes and doing mundane things…I have no excuse. I eventually want to read Gregory Boyd’s book “Present Perfect” because emphasizes staying in the now and resting in God in the now. Listen to the audio excerpt here http://www.zondervan.com/Cultures/en-US/Product/ProductDetail.htm?ProdID=com.zondervan.9780310773047&QuerySiteString=Zondervan&QueryStringSite=Zondervan another thing I have found to help me escape the business is contemplative prayer an meditation of scripture. At first I was scared of it but it helps me to fully focus on God and let God carry my burdens.

  • Barb

     As a former public school teacher, I can definitely relate to what you are describing here, with the greatest of sympathy. First, a word of encouragement:  the first year is the worst as far as time spent.  It will get better.  Second, I love your efforts to fight for time with God. I agree with you that it is essential.  I did not have a smart phone, but I listened to a Christian radio station with Bible teaching and sermons early in the morning.  In the car, I listened to more Christian radio with contemporary Christian music, sang along, worshipped, and listened to their verse of the day.  When I got to the campus, I prayed before leaving the car.  At night, grading papers, more Christian music, and prayers for students as their papers came before my eyes. Then, I checked my email to pray for requests as a volunteer for the church prayer team. I’d try to read a Bible chapter, depending on how late it was (weekend catch-up for what I didn’t get read), and Oswald Chambers, one of my very favorites, also.  Looking back, I am awed by God’s faithfulness in my life and job, although I seldom had opportunities for extended time with Him. He knows our challenges and honors even our briefest attempts to connect with Him, even if we may not feel His presence at the moment we feel most desperate for Him.  He knows the longings of our hearts for Him, even in the busiest and most consuming of times, and He answers with what we need for each day. And so important:  His love for the students shines through us, even on our worst days in class. 

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