Sleeping Giant: An Interview with Tommy Green


The music genre of spirit-filled Christian hardcore is a growing force that is delivering an urgent call for Christians to rise up amidst a world of lukewarm Christians to restore the importance of a vital and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Tommy Green, front man for the band Sleeping Giant, has become a prominent spiritual leader in the emerging scene. Tommy has used his love of edgy underground music to further his even greater love of the kingdom of Christ. His heart is passionately burning for this generation to understand that a relationship with Jesus Christ should be as personal, indeed, much more personal than even the strongest of human relationships. While some Christians can’t look past the “worldliness” of the scene (tattoos, piercings, screaming vocalists, and “guitar riffs from the devil”), spirit-filled Christian hardcore is certainly a platform in which warriors for the army of Jesus Christ are being strengthened and encouraged to take the name of Jesus seriously and to bare it with pride. Scream the Prayer is a full U.S. tour of Christian hardcore and metal bands who all share the same passion for Christ. We caught up with Tommy at the Scream the Prayer in Pomona, CA to discuss exciting new things happening with Sleeping Giant, his other ministries, and his heart for Christ.


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  • Good stuff!!!

  • I’ve been waiting for this ever since Joshua Hager said on his facebook page that you did an interview with  Tommy so I was very excited to see it!  I saw SG on Scream the Prayer’s only Canadian date and it was mind blowing, the blend of Tithemi and I have decided to follow Jesus was crazy.  Had to stop moshing because of so many people laying in the middle of the circle pit.

    Circle pits are the only place I can really dance to the glory of God.  I feel awkward even lifting my hands in Church and like if I did do that people would think I’m only looking for attention or something, but in a circle pit I’m pretty anonymous and can jump, throw punches, windmill kick and swing my arms like an ape just because I’m so happy to know God (I may look mad, but I’m just excited).  I know people are probably looking at me, probably most of them think I look like an idiot, but at least I’m not the only one.

    What Tommy said about worship is great and I know what he means about being drawn into worship by people and music that isn’t trying to do it at all, its truly amazing where God shows up, just kind of like SURPRISE!  Love it when that happens!

    Great interview, and great ending, dude with the impending doom shorts was funny! 

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