Do You Really Trust God with Your Finances?


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Trust. It can only go so far—or at least that is how many feel. Emblazoned upon the currency of America, “In God We Trust” has become a casual cliche of American culture. But do we really? And more importantly, do we believe this creed, printed upon the very currency we carry? Do I trust God with my money?

I dare say, most do not trust God completely with their finances.

Perhaps a glib “trust” forms when the pay stubs are piled up on the kitchen counter and all those numbers rest “securely” in the bank—assuaging our concerns about security. But when one has lost their job and those numbers in the bank statement get closer and closer to zero, we feel compelled to grasp and squeeze our future and finances in a bear-huge of protection—to no avail.

None of our efforts, worries, concerns, and sleepless nights “trying to handle it” will ever fix our financial meltdown (at least temporary stays of income feel like the end of the world).

But what does unwavering trust in God look like when we have complete confidence in Christ?

Just recently, I lost my job. I have lots of education and experience as a teacher. But the nation’s finances are by no means healthy and cuts are taking place left and right. My wife and I were brought to a place of worry, panic, and many sleepless nights trying to solve all our financial problems. At the same time the plethora of student loans which I had unwisely taken as a young college kid were coming due.

But no matter how much we worried, nothing was solved. The more I tried to figure out my future, wrestle it to the ground, and control all that I thought was good for me, the worst things became.

I had scratched out the “In God I Trust” on my heart and had replaced it with “In Jon I trust.” I was more qualified to control my destiny in a way that God never was. I knew what I needed more perfectly than He ever could. I, Jonathan Daniel Keck, was provider and creator of a perfect future.

And while one reading this may think these arrogant and self-centered statements are by no means true of their own hearts, the reality is that we all are this self-centered and self-trusting.

On an every-day bases we assert and claim that we know what is better for our lives than God does.

But what would it look like if we actually believed in what is printed on those bills in our wallets, “In God We Trust”?


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