The Wine Of Heaven: What I Learned At A Mystic, “Drunk on the Glory of God” Charismatic Meeting


Pulling into the parking lot, my friend and I were a good forty-minutes late. I had just spend several hours in a meeting planning and programing a ministry our Church is launching in several months. Church business, good or bad, was on my mind. But as we stepped onto the church property and approached the double-doors of the sanctuary, we were greeted by a tattooed, 30-something man who acted as if we were long lost friends. “HEEEEY, you brothers ready to get drunk tonight? OOOOHHH.” Squinting his eyes, and staggering over he wrapped his arms around us and told us to press our bellies together. “Jesus is in our bellies!”, followed by some odd sounds of euphoria. “We lack nothing! If God had given us anything more, we would be a threat to the trinity!”

We laughed with him and walked in.

That was my  introduction to the New Mystics Movement, a collective of mystical-minded Christians who are reconnecting with the bliss and glory of what it means to be in his presence and in the realization of who we are in Christ.

And though I was immediately uncomfortable with all the charismatic “joy” that was going on in the room, I prayed a quick prayer: “Father, do not let me be overly critical, but allow me to see these people for who they are and help me understand what they are saying, doing, and experiencing.”

To my surprise, the man who had greeted us so lovingly (and “drunkenly”) was the key note speaker for the night—Dave Vaughan; also known as the “drunk monk.”

He launched right in.

The church today is experiencing a plague which is sweeping the body. This plague is “scurvy” (yelled out in his best and most passionate pirate voice). We are malnutritioned. We have forgotten to eat and be part of Christ and the Holy Spirit. For too long we have tried to feed ourselves with our own religious rituals. For too long we have tried to “do” church ourselves—making ministry work by our programs and purpose driven efforts.

All we need to do, Vaughan informed us, was to get whacked and drunk on the glory of God—perpetual bliss in his presence! How can his presence not be euphoric?

Assuredly we should feel transported and blissful if we have experienced the Holy Spirit or to be in his presence, but I had never been that joyful over Christ, my redemption, and His presence. This bliss is what transforms us. When we realize who we are in Christ—really realize, not just some head knowledge—our nature and our bondage to sin melts away. We are liberated from our sin and made perfect in Christ, lacking nothing.

His message bears much truth. And although mingled with uncouth behavior and oddities, timely truths lay underneath his giggles and “drunken” bliss in Christ.

I am still not sure about these New Mystics, but I am intrigued and will be looking into them a bit more—seeing what they have to say about who we are in Christ and what prompts this bliss they experience.

For a bit more on this man and this movement, check out these videos. But I must warn you, their behavior is odd. Approach it with an open mind and listen to what he is teaching.

The following is a brief introduction to the Glory of God by John Crowder, one of the founders of this movement.

The following is a sample of Dave Vaughan’s teaching.

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  • uknowho

    “His message bears much truth. And although mingled with uncouth behavior
    and oddities, timely truths lay underneath his giggles and “drunken”
    bliss in Christ.,, This is so on point man. I wish the church could get God free from all our baggage we bring to the table. Be it drunken giggles or hymns and pews we can put our own filter on the light of Christ, casting it in our own image and likeness. Keep hanging with Him, He will guide you, keep you and perfect you. If nothing else I’m glad your at least open to the possibility that Christ might not be merely good for us like cough syrup, but really good to us like candy!

  • Let me preface this comment by saying that I didn’t have time to watch the videos.  :( 

    One question this had me asking was, “Is it possbile to live in perpetual bliss here on earth?”  Even in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit, we still live on this earth.  If complete bliss and euphoria were possible and long lasting, what desire would we have for Heaven?

    I’m also wondering what their faith is like outside of these blissful experiences.  As someone who was born and raised in the Pentecostal {charismatic} church, I can say that often times what happens it that people get an emotional high from these types of group experiences.  It is similar to what happens at a music concert.  And, they end up living for the “high”, for the emotional experience, for the bliss, and not for Christ Himself. 

  • Anonymous

    Perfect example of apostasy and wolves in sheep’s clothing. The long arm of Bob Jones and company. This is all part of the  Elijah List. Incredible to think that this has anything to do with the God of the Bible or a sound biblical ministry. 

  • Anonymous

    “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” 2 Thessalonians 2:9,10

  • uknowwho

    That’s actually pulled from a really good message on the Ecstasy Of God.

  •  Don’t stifle the Spirit.    20 Don’t despise prophecies,    21 but test all things. (X)    Hold on to what is good.    22 Stay away (Y) from every form of evil.

  • Give me the SWEET joy, not just the bitter remedy. 

  • Anonymous

    “Stay away from evil” is right. John Crowder is as evil as they come. Jonathan, who do you think the Holy Spirit is? These heretics and their doctrine from hell, have been tested over and over again. If you are going to quote scripture, quote it to these false prophets. I guess “anything” that speaks of God to you is okay and passes the test. Remember,  Even the demons believe—and tremble! James 2:19

    ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’Anyone in the church that thinks that these heretics are from God, should check their walk and more with the Lord. This is just pure blaspheme and demonic. 

  • Uknowwho

    I get they might not be your cup of tea, and admit there are some practical problems with them, but I would say they are venial issues. I don’t understand what part of ‘Jesus is all’ is from hell? What part of you can’t help Him, He doesn’t want your religion He wants your heart if from hell? What part of He is better then anything on earth is demonically inspired? What part of their message ‘bliss in the completed works of the cross’ is evil? I understand Keri’s concern that this can turn to living for ’emotional experiences’ rather then for Jesus. But if He is to be our husband why would we not want to be emotionally connected with Him? How many churches have sung “…They will dance with joy like we are dancing now…” (I could sing of your love forever) as they stand or sit in their seats? Just because false prophets will arise the church should cease to prophesy? This like any style of church leads to problems, I would have issues with a ‘cowboy’ church.  Sure the cowboy hats, howdees and country music would be against my grain but I think I would be hard pressed to say they are “pure blaspheme and demonic”. Not for me but they are reaching a group I would never reach out to. I hope I am not coming off as preachy or defensive, I truly would like to know what about this for you, not some blog or edited video, is wrong. Look man I don’t want to offend Jesus, and we could throw bible verses back and forth all day, but what has Jesus told you about these guys that makes you so angry? Because if it’s from hell I want nothing to do with it, but if God really is good and wants to party then I’m all in man.

  • Anonymous

    I guess certain people have never experience the presence of God, in order to take into account the seriousness of His majesty, and awesomeness. 

    It has nothing to do whether is my cup of tea. Research the movement and Crower to know who these people are. I’m not going to debate as to where these people’s biblical exegesis or their foolishness in acting out as idiots. They speak for themselves, in proving the point. No better witnesses as themselves. These are not “blogs” of “edited” videos where it shows Crower and his followers acting like fools, by snorting the word as if it was a line of coke, or smoking  joint. If you want to be ignorant of the facts as to who these  1,700 or so people are, then that’s your prerogative. “God wants to party?” it shows your lack of seriousness and reverence of the God of this universe. Next time you’re in His presence, the last thing that you would want to ask Him is, if He wants to party. You will fall like a dead man, and wouldn’t be able to come to your senses just like people who have really,  come face to face with Him.

    “God is anything you want Him to be” Is the motto of this generation. Cool man! Whatever. 

    “Even when the fool walks on the road, he lacks sense,and he says to everyone that he is a fool.” Ecclesiastes 10:3

  • Interesting. Not sure. This is my first encounter and experience with the movement. But I think they would say that this “high” is continual if we are connected to Christ. 

  • Uknowwho

    Hope you have a great week man and an excellent journey. May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

  • Uknowwho

    Hope you have a great week man and an excellent journey. May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, He does bless and keeps me. He never fails me, because He’s faithful. I feel I’m being blessed by Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel with that verse. 😉 Love that scripture of Aaron’s blessings in Deut. 6. Yeah bro, God Bless.

  • Donna Pawlak

    Actually, I would challenge you to relook at your bible, because since God opening my eyes, I have seen scripture in a whole new light and actually there are many instances of strange phenomena, as you would put it, including trances etc.

  • Donna Pawlak

    Exactly, workers of lawlessness, firstly you have to be under the law to be declared guilty. Did Christ complete your sanctification or not on the cross or was it not enough.

  • Donna Pawlak

    I would also add in comment, about being worried about thinking of more on the emotional experience. The thing is that Jesus himself is the wine of the Spirit, you cant have enough of the Spirit of God, He IS joy, He IS life. To deny that to me would be denying Him and the person of Him.

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