Jesus Christ has Returned And There are Three of Them: You Get to Pick


Jesus Christ has returned. Or at least that what some are saying. For thousands of years, Christians have been watching the skies and searching the streets for the returned resurrected Messiah who has promised to return. Many of the early Christians, including Paul and Peter, firmly believed that Jesus was going to return for the final judgement within their lifetime. Christ disappeared into heaven and the angels told his disciples that he would return just as he left. Moreover, we learn in Revelation that Jesus would come in triumph and victory in the clouds, conquering the world and establishing his kingdom. His presence would be felt and seen by all, for either joy or terror. At least this has been the traditional interpretation. And while this has been the view of most orthodox Christians in general, whether Protestant, Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox, a great many of people believe it is going to happen differently. In fact, they believe Jesus is already here on earth now.

And not just one Jesus, but three. I am sure there are more people in the world who are building followings calling themselves God, and certainly more than enough crazy bums who think they are our resurrected Lord. But these three independently claim that they themselves are the second coming, resurrected Lord Jesus Christ and have amassed wealth and thousands of followers.

Jesus of Porto Rico

Perhaps one of the more widely known is Jose Luis Miranda, but to his followers He is Father, God, or Jesus Christ. The interviews and documentaries are pervasive. He does not shy away from his claim that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ, speaking boldly in the things he did before he was crucified. As Jose recounts, he came to a sudden epiphany in his youth. The resurrected Jesus Christ possessed and integrated his being with that of Jose, transforming him into the our modern Second coming of Christ. And while humorous on some level, he has thousands of followers who firmly believe his is God in the flesh.

Check out this video.

Jesus of Siberia

Perhaps more elusive and mystical is Vissarion, the second coming of Jesus Christ in Siberia. Little is really known of this Russian Messiah. Reports have been done, interviews attempted, and literature read, but what this former traffic cop really teaches is somewhat obscure. He had built a compound in the midst of isolated forest with his thousands of followers. While he certainly appears “Christ-like” in the sense of his physical features in comparison to western traditions and painting, he also has a other-worldly demeanor about him.

Check out this video. It’s a bit long but you can skip to the end and see Jesus for yourself.

Jesus of Australia

A more recent Jesus to make an appearance is the reincarnated Christ, Alan John Miller—or AJ as his followers call him. He comes teaching a gospel more akin to a psychologized, self-help, Scientology-like faith in which we must reawaken our past lives and deal with the pain and struggles of those former existences. Together with his partner, the reincarnated Marry Magdalene, they are building their following and numbering in the thousands.

Check out this interview with this Aussi messiah.

While there have been “anti-christs” since the time of Christ 2000 years ago and therefore such men are not surprising or unique, one must wonder where these three Christs are headed with there already thousands of followers. Will they join forces as some kind of unholy trinity? Will they denounce each other as false Christs? And where does this leave the Christian today? Should they be laughed about over a good cup of coffee, or should they be feared as agents of some nefarious and demonic plan?


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  • Anonymous

    People are psycho! What I want to know is how do people get like this…so easily persuaded, so easily corrupted, so easily lost? It’s not a simple answer but some part of their brain (probably the logic side, is not developed properly.) And it saddens me because this give Christians a reputation as lunatics- people who are crazy and shouldn’t be listened to. This is why I am glad for sites like yours, people who try to use logic, reason, science, and who actually spend time studying the Bible to ensure we’re not crazy psychopaths believing in nonsense. Paul calls us to test everything and that is a very wise thing to do.

  • Indeed, there are people who believe in all sorts of things! The question that I ponder is whether of not people will perceive other mainstream Christians equally crazy for believing that Christ would return in fire and judgement one day. I think most people think the whole notion of Christ returning is mad, not just these cults. 

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is,  “Really?!?”

  • Anonymous

    Not surprising at all. It is expected, as Jesus said they would come and fool the very elect. I’m surprise that they are not more out there. But to me these guys are amateurs at best, compared to the one (antichrist) ready to make his entrance into the world. I’m pretty sure that they’re some within these cults who are truly sincere and regenerated but have been fooled by a false spirit, just like in many christian circles. The enemy hardly wastes his times with something this obvious and laughable. False teachings and doctrines to the enemy, are more effective within our local churches, where the real damage is done. While we are looking at the obvious, the enemy has sneaked through the side doors of the sheepfold and has struck a blow into the heart of the body of Christ. The battle continues, but the war will be won.

  • Osiris Alpha Omega

    Please accept this email as the sworn testimony of Jesus Christ, here now as promised 2000 years ago.I
    have publicly posted information regarding my return giving insight to
    what happened, what’s happening, and what’s going to happen.  There is little time and much work
    to do! have released this information to public media sources this morning.  Jesus ChristAlpha Osiris Omega Osiris 

  • Osiris Alpha Omega

    NOTE:  I Have Posted My Message To You
    via an essay and sworn testimony Experience
    Son Of Man Essay

  • ^^^wwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt.

  • Tevans


    It is not surprising to me either!

    Upon my return, and sworn testimony

    that you would convict me before reviewing my

    case.  But in
    rendering this conviction you have only

    convicted yourself.


    This is my sworn testimony,

    of Jesus Christ Here Now

    Osiris Alpha Omega.

  • Tevans



    Although much of what you are putting in your

    mouth is vile, and deadly, I urge you brother

    be very cautious of what comes out of

    your mouth.


    Now listen!  I Am
    Jesus Christ

    I Am Here for Armageddon

    which is well under way!


    This is my sworn testimony,

    of Jesus Christ Here Now

    Osiris Alpha Omega.

  • Tevans

    Really, yes really brother, I tried

    to tell you I was coming like a thief.

    Much to my chagrin I find no one has

    waited up for me, and I stand at your

    door, bur you aren’t clothed  or fit to

    meet with me, so I leave walking on to

    the next dark house in the rain.


    This is my sworn testimony,

    of Jesus Christ Here Now

    Osiris Alpha Omega

  • Tevans

    So the owl calls the hawk a bird of pray,

    and laments that the actual testimony

    of Jesus Christ, (that’s me Owl)  is

    the ramblings of  a psycho
    without ever

    reviewing the entire case, and renders

    the conviction, not realizing who the

    hawk was!


    This is my sworn testimony,

    of Jesus Christ Here Now

    Osiris Alpha Omega.

  • Tevans



    I really empathize and understand your position.

    Again I posted the news and sworn testimony

    of my return On May 5, 2011, with written testimony,


    and detailed information

    regarding my return

    in the Form Of An Essay titled

    Son Of Man.

    There are 12 comments appended to the essay

    that give analysis and interpetation.

    It is posted on The Experience



    This is my sworn testimony,

    of Jesus Christ Here Now

    Osiris Alpha Omega.


  • uuummm im only commenting so that “jesus” will respond. hey mr omega can you tell me something i dont know?

  • Aha! Jesus would know that hawks are birds of PREY, not birds of PRAY.
    Unless that was a cheesy Christian pun, which is probably just more evidence not in your favor.
    Good try, my friend.

  • Tevans


    You don’t know who you are.  Discover this and you will
    never taste death.  Clue: 2 become 1.


  • Tevans



    Your decision to self convict is here forthwith accepted,

    and the judgment of 7 (my judgment, made by You, on my
    behalf) it’s

    the gift I brought for you brother: is accepted, and you are
    remanded to

    Tuat; no ands, ifs, or buts; by your own judgment! Meaning
    there is hope

    for you Dan.  Pray to
    RaHorus In His Her name immediately and repent!

    Ask most merciful Isis to hear you repenting and to open the
    gate to eternity

    where we live in eternity as androgynous beings of light,
    safe in the hands

    of our God RaHorus in His Her name.


    Failure to do so (PRAY and Repent immediately) only means

    of asking Isis for her vote of 4, like my 7 you vote
    yourself, for yourself,

    her vote of 4, meaning you’re at 11 which is a one way
    ticket to Tuat, if you

    get any crazier with your blaspheme you could end up on

    Have ears bother? Then use them now!  Your soul hangs in the balance Dan!



    Your loving son,

    Jesus Christ

    Alpha and Omega Osiris


    Yes, Jesus is already here.  No, there are not 3 Jesus’s.
    1)  This is the gift GOD gave you:
    2)  This is the THANK YOU you gave GOD for his gift:

    Twitter:  @HGSINPERSON

  • Michaell Douglas

    i lol’d. if ya wanna talk to me talk to me i speak freely and fear no man beast child woman or god. know that i will crush them if need be but i feel they are no threat. have no fear for i am here. also cash out cause were cashing out!! ridin round with that nina keisha smokin on keisha. i am the true alpha and omega and you know i am here but dont fear me for i am like you. that goes for all of you including the false prophets. i know you fear me.

  • jesus

    turn off the nukes before its to late

  • Marlene
  • Aekatrina

    Did he come in the clouds and all eyes see Him come?? Luke Ch 12 :27 If not, is this the Christ, the Living God on earth? Some things have not yet come to past as the bible speaks, before the son of God will come. He is not coming in “secret” but so all can see him, when He comes. We will know. His own will know. . Be careful as of some followers of cults have in the end and to die with the leader in the end, Be careful, be very, very careful ,as the truth may not be what you think in the end. . Read your bible. Do not be taken advantage of now, as over many years span we have had false prophets all claiming to be Jesus in the flesh ,and they were not. We want it to happen so badly we will jump at anything or anyone.

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