The Song Jesus Christ is Singing to You: Rihanna’s Only Girl (in the World)


There is a reason God speaks to us in loving words, as a husband to his bride. The scripture is littered with it. From the image of a loving husband sacrificing all for his wife to the sensual imagery of Song of Songs capturing the rapture that a husband (and in this case our Creator) has with his bride. Such deep emotions and longing for intimacy can seem strange since we often restrict such love and affection for human relationships. But our Father God chose those very human relationships to express the mystery and unfathomable love and relationship that God longs to have with us and we with Him.

Unfortunately such intimacy with our creator and redeemer, Jesus Christ, is far from personal and loving. More often than not, Father God and Jesus Christ are reduced to academic and abstract concepts. Most evangelicals are so blinded by getting their theological points all in a row that we miss a very real truth: Jesus Christ is a person. He has emotions. And the depth of His love far exceeds the love that a husband could ever show his wife or a wife to her husband.

This is the relationship for which we were built.  We were neither made for physical marriages, though they are shadows of our true longing, nor intellectual flirtings with an abstract God.

Our souls were made for Him and all else falls depressingly short.

For popular culture, love, sex, and intimate relationships are the pinnacle expression of this longing. Such is the reason why so many move from relationship to relationship, marriage to marriage. The illusion of what we are really seeking is smashed to pieces when we discover that significant person does not fulfill all those desires, longings, and hopes. These deep rooted urges can only be found in one person: Jesus Christ.

When we see or hear popular expressions of these desires, our thoughts should turn to Him.

No easy task.

I, like so many others, see only human relationships when there should be more. When I saw a Facebook status update by my friend Ben Holden which linked the Rihanna video “Only Girl (in the World)” and stated how Jesus was singing this song over him that day, I laughed. I had heard the song many times, but never heard it. The longing she expresses in something deep and ancient within the hearts of us all. And it is with this heart that God longs for us as well.

Take a look at the video and listen to the lyrics.

Certainly the song is about a relationship characterized by an intense sexual and pleasurable intimacy. But with that, on a human level, comes so much trust and devotion to love someone as if they were the “only one in the world.”

But passing through this human level, the heart of God can be seen. He does sing this song to us and over us. Read now some of these lines and reflect on them as if a love poem from Jesus himself to you.

I want you to love me.
Be thinking of me.
So forget about the world,
‘cus it’s going to be me and you tonight.

I want you to make me feel
like I’m the only girl [or in this case God] in the world
like I’m the only one you’ll ever love
like I’m the only one who knows your heart
like I’m the only one in command
‘cus I’m the only one who understands
how to make you feel like a man [or woman obviously]

Do you make Christ feel this way? I am sad to say that my “relationship” with him is academic, abstract, and lacking intimacy and deep emotional bond—as is the case with many Christians.

We are betrothed and to be married to this man and creator God Jesus Christ. It is fine time we start escalating our love and intimacy with Him.


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  • Anonymous

    Great perspective! I tend to do that with a lot of cultural songs- listen to it within the realms of Christ’s love for us and how we are to live our lives. When I hear that song, it reminds me of what the world is really looking for. They think they find it in one night stands, living with their boyfriend, premarital sex, friends with benefits, open relationships, etc. but sadly they just keep looking; like you said they go from marriage to marriage in search of the what He can provide but yet they look in the opposite direction. It also reminds me of how blessed I am to have an amazing relationship with my husband because of how we each, and together, have a relationship with the true resemblance of true love. Great twist on the song!

  • Thanks for the comment! It is true that so many try to find fulfillment in human relationships when God himself is the only one that can love us the way we want to be loved. This, I think, is the reality and hope that we can present to the world. Forget the religions of the world and the law that demands perfect adherence. We are in relationship with a real person and creator God Jesus Christ!

  • JenG

    “More often than not, Father God and Jesus Christ are reduced to academic
    and abstract concepts. Most evangelicals are so blinded by getting
    their theological points all in a row that we miss a very real truth:
    Jesus Christ is a person.”  

    –   I don’t know that many evangelicals that care about theology outside of the blogosphere…

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