What Does Science Tell Us About Our Soul?


Image by Lola Scott

A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Science has the incredible ability to open up new sections of dialogue with the scripture and theology. Eric McClellan has done just that in many articles, including his most recent guest post at Pangea Blog—a site dedicated to bringing the king together in unity much as the continents once were united as one until split apart. In his article, Eric posses several questions about the soul, physics, and where they come together. Be sure to check out his entire article out, leave a comment, and share a link at Pangea Blog! 


The study of quantum mechanics is one that stretches the mind beyond its capacity. The famous American physicist, Richard Feynman once said, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” This is a field that has revolutionized the way that scientists view the world. Through the study of quantum mechanics, physicists have found a fundamental level of uncertainty that exists in our universe…..CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING OVER AT PANGEA BLOG! 

And for a response to this linked article, check out Gentile Wisdom’s article!

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