Righteous Anger or Sinful Rage: How Should Christians React to a World that Hates Christ?


Crowbar in hand, this gross misrepresentation would be set straight. Wearing a T-shirt which stated, “Jesus is tougher than nails,” Kathleen Folden set out to end this blasphemy. Bashing in the glass case which held this demonically inspired “art,” she freed the world from another gross and distorted image of Christ. She shred and ripped apart the parchment so defiled with the portrayal of a cross-dressing Christ in the midst of a homosexual sex act. Amidst the clamor as police set upon her, she cried out “How can you desecrate my Lord!?” She was arrested and charged with destruction of property now awaiting her court date—all to which she has claimed to be innocent.

There is no question. This depiction is vulgar. It disgraces our savior’s name, image, and identity. The one who became flesh, dwelt among us, and died on the cross for our sins deserves all praise—not such a mockery of “artistic expression.”

But more importantly, this sort of blasphemy is nothing new. Should we expect anything different? People mocked Christ constantly while he yet lived. And such intensity was not quelled upon his death. It was only magnified. The ancient church was no stranger to such mockeries. In one famous case, graffiti which lined the streets of Rome and other urban centers is preserved. Fixed forever in stone, this blasphemous depiction of Christ is available for all to see. In this particular image Christ hangs on a cross worshiped by a faithful follower. But the head of our savior is replaced with that of an ass—an obvious image of the author’s hatred for this supposed savior.

But to these Christians amidst a swirl of hostility and hatred, they had a most incredible peace, patience, and tempered grace toward their critics. Indeed, they offered heartfelt prayers for protection, favor, and salvation for their oppressors.

Have we lost something?

How should we respond to a culture which now increasingly hates Christ and Christianity?

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