I Don’t Exist: The Existence of God and Nothingness


In a swirl of darkness and nothingness, It existed. Time itself, space, and all universal laws were absent. Even to conceive of such an existence is impossible. Our very words to describe nothingness in itself is a description of things. NO THING. Aristotle defined nothing as that which rocks dream of. And in that place, in which no space exists, and in that time, in which there was no time. He. It. God existed. Exists. Will Exist.

For in that place. In that existence, God is. Not bound or confined by time and space. He simply is. Yahweh had given Moses a glimpse of this nature, describing himself as “I AM.” A God who exists beyond all that we see. All that we know. He is.

This being whom transcends all created reality, time, and space and filled this shell of existence with the countless universes, galaxies, and stars.  All of this emerged from words uttered by God—Let it be. But what are words but vocalizations of thoughts.

Our creator thought all that is into existence. At the very core of reality and the physical universe as we know it is the mind of God from which we emerged and are emerging. For God, there is no time. Creation did not happen. It is not happening. It will not happen. Creation is. He is the dreamer and we are the dream. All the universe and all our lives are like a flashing thought.

I am a thought in the mind of God. And he is thinking of you and I and the universe we are living in.

I do not exist.

At least in the manner in which I am accustomed. For many we tend to think of the universe and physicality as the reality of existence. God is this big power out there! But in reality He is all around us. He is not that bearded old guy in the clouds. He is beyond all and in all.

Only he exists.

Yes, I am alive and am real. But He is more so. He is alive and I get my life from Him. He is thought and I get my consciences from Him. He is reality and I get my existence from Him. He is the dreamer and I am the dream. He exists. God is.

I, on the other hand, am a flashing thought in his mind. My existence in this universe and in this reality is but a flash. And all that I cherish and cling to—the job, the stuff, the physical comforts and achievements, are literally nothing in comparison to how vast and transcendent our creator is.

He is worthy of all praise and awe.

And though we may try to wrap our feeble minds around His infinitude, our finiteness inevitably prevents us from understanding fully. The glimpse we see is overwhelming.

I realize that this view of His existence and my nothingness is not usual. It is a conclusion I came to while reflecting on His actual vastness and greatness in comparison to mine.

I am convinced and a healthy practice of seeing God properly is to reflect on the highest. To imagine the most high existence possible and realize that God transcends that.

How do you see the vastness of God?

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  • Joseph Reger


    This blog post reminded me of this song.

    I do not exist.

  • Awesome! I love this!

    I couldn't help but think of a conversation that I had recently about the thoughts of God and reality. If God truly knows the future, if he has an idea of its existence, then the reality of its existence is fulfilled. A thought in the mind of God is as real as anything gets.

  • Alexcosta77

    what an excelent post! I couldn’t have said it better! I’m going to quote you!

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