Good God! An Evil World and an Apathetic People


Countless cameras catalog their tortured faces filled with fear. Pain. Suffering. These are very real torments which plague humanity across the globe. Transcending culture and language, the face of evil is known by all and is readily recognizable in the still expressions of the dead children who die every five seconds from starvation. Indeed, in the time it has taken to read thus far, six children somewhere now lay motionless as their survivors weep over their corpses.

Evil is real

Pain is palpable

But one does not need to look to the exotic to find evil so pervasive that it confounds the senses. One need only to look as far as their own backyard. I was surprised to find that in recent national news, the Federal government began cracking down on the sex trade throughout the country—one of the biggest raids being right in a neighboring city. Children young and old had been kidnapped, advertised on Craig’s list as “fresh meat,” and were subsequently submitted to unthinkable horrors only reserved for the darkest of nightmares.

The common cry that is uttered from both our lips and theirs is “Why?!”

Why oh God?!

A classic problem. But to call it such is a bit of a travesty of its’ own sort. This is no quant and troublesome algebraic proof. These are real people experiencing real and unimaginable torments—and even to the most innocent of us.

How is it that God, who is the very rubric of goodness, allows such evils to occur. Can He not stop them? He most certainly can.

The Bible provides a plethora of explanations for our sufferings.

It is our sin and its’ consequences

It is the world we have created and one in which we now have to live

It is for the greater good—a better world with possibilities for redemption

It is none of your business—how dare you questions God and His ways?

But tell these to those children taking their last gasps of air as they see the world about them fade away in a cloud of pain. Forty children have now died in this amount of reading time.

In truth, evil is the natural state of the world. Perhaps a better question is, why is there pleasure at all? An assumption is made that pleasure and goodness is the natural state of the world. It is not. God blesses humanity with great bliss and pleasure—admittedly some more than others. For this we ought to be thankful.

But this is little comfort to those experiencing the deep pains that God allows. God has never been one to directly intervene, save taking flesh and dying for humanity’s sins. He has worked through mankind and worked through us to bring the kingdom of God to earth.

Christ commissioned us to feed the hungry, to cloth the naked, and care for the poor. Christianity is the single most largest religion practiced by humans and if we would just heed the call that Christ had given us, the deep kinds of pain and suffering that persist in this world would dissolve.

Yet we do not do this.

We stand by shaking our heads at the evils that go on in this world and continue going about our lives clasping our get-out-of-hell card and looking forward to doing the happy dance when the four horsemen of the Apocalypse coming riding down ready to end it all.

Christians tend to be so heavenly minded that they do no earthly good

The truth is evil persists because Christians allow it to

The bondage of evil and the chains of suffering were broken long ago when Christ offered his atoning blood and the Holy Spirit to dwell within man.

We were called to cast out demons, but demons still indwell and torment countless lives

We were called to heal the sick, but the sick still persist

We were called to raise the dead, but the dead are still in their graves

The existence of pervasive suffering and evil is not so much a question of why God does not intervene as much as why don’t we?

It is high time we stop pointing the finger of blame at God for allowing evil to persist and start looking in the mirror and asking ourselves what we are doing about it.


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