Thoughts to Make the Mind Congeal: The Maddening Effects of Exploring an Infinite God


While considered by many as a terrible film filled with blasphemy—most notoriously so for depicting God as a women—Dogma reveals an aspect of our creator which is rarely discussed.

It was quipped throughout the film that to truly hear the voice of God—both for men and for angels—one’s heads would explode. This was done in jest throughout the film but they, unintentionally no doubt, struck a deep and true cord in how we ought to relate to God.

In the age where Jesus is my homeboy and comics depict him slaying zombies with good old Abe Lincoln, it is hard to image Jesus—the infinite God—as he is. Yes, he was a humble and meek man, but he was also the infinitely transcendent God who is so righteous that if anyone were to see his glory, their face would melt like the Nazi soldiers when they open the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones.

God is Dangerous

And while he is closer than a brother, He is also infinitely beyond us as we are above a microbe—and infinitely more so.

But we in the evangelical community have lost this sort of practical reverence since we split from the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther and the Protestant gang came along and toppled Christendom. Thousands died in this wild war. No side was innocent. But from those ashes, people felt freed from the old traditions which restrained their communion and relationship with God. While no doubt those traditions and ceremonies were well over the top, they were put in place to keep the sacredness and transcendence of God in mind as we related to him.

Traditions were established to control the wild hearts of men who tend to make God their buddy and homeboy.

When Christians started replacing Oreos and milk for the sacred and traditional wine and bread, something had gone to far.

The sacred and traditional has a way of guarding us from straying to far for the sake of being innovative.

With the dissolving of these traditions, God tended to become smaller in men’s minds. He is relatable. He is a best friend. He is my homeboy and kicks it with me when I hit the town. Sure. But where is the transcendence. Where is the face-melting power and righteousness so often talked about in the Old Testament?

The problem is that we think we have God all figured out. But He is much more wild and untamable than we are accustomed to.

Both you and I live as if we have God, the scripture, and the entire creation all figured out.

We Don’t.

Yes, we know some things. We know about God’s character from the scripture and how he has interacted with humanity in the past.

But God is infinite and infinitely beyond us.

We don’t have him figured out.

To see him as he is and to truly think upon his full being would congeal, like jello, our melted minds.

By its’ very definition, we would go mad.

But to see him in a full sense, and be washed over with the awe instilling and dumbfounding transcendence of his being is a righteous and appropriate endeavor.

Though impossible, it is right to attempt to understand and explore the infinite. It is right for us to try to understand the vastness and infinite nature of God.

To embrace thoughts which congeal the mind.

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  • Ruth, I am really glade that you liked it. God has been blowing my mind lately on this same matter! be sure to check back every Wednesday for more in this series.

  • Ruth Martin

    This reinforced what i’ve really learned this past year.

    I can’t believe that i have a relationship with the One who is never-ending. Whose face i cannot look at because i would die.

    He blows my mind and i love him for it.

    i’m sharing this on my facebook.

  • Nice dude. We need to keep celebrating truths like this.

    It's an interesting perspective on church traditions. I have often see traditions from the other side. That is when Christians fall in love with their traditions and it's all about their little church clique living every year like it's 1982 all over again. Same Christmas decorations and all.

    But I resonate with your point that church isn't meant to be too innovative. My little soapbox speech lately is that we can't reinvent prayer & scripture, evangelism & discipleship. That's just the work we as Christians have to take on. If we take too many liberties in our creativity we lose the focus. Maybe if we realized how great God is, as you have described, we wouldn't try to find ways to reinvent the wheel. We would just enjoy the privilege of being involved with God in the ways he has ordained.

  • You are quite right. Our focus has ever been the same—that age old motly crue of what Christ called us to: preach, teach, heal, cast out demons, and raise the dead.

    But I also believe that we need to be not only ancient in our focus of ministry, but progressive in presenting Christ to our cultures. Not by erroding our ancient principles but making them consumable for our age.

    Music, style of preaching, media, and mediums of communication are mutable and should be.

    But the foundation of our faith remains Christ and the scipture. Thanks for your insightful thoughts.

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